Conveyancing, Leasing and Property Law

Take the Stress Out of Conveyancing

Transferring the ownership of property from one person to another, is one of the biggest transactions most people will undertake in their lives. It’s an exciting, but often stressful time with many legal elements to consider in the conveyancing process.

Navigating your way through the red tape required can be complicated and time consuming. Rickards Whiteley specialise in taking the stress out of conveyancing for you.

Qualified Team of Professionals

Property law, stamp duty implications and first home benefits are constantly changing. For this reason, potential buyers and sellers want to engage a firm with a better understanding of the law surrounding the conveyancing process.

At Rickards Whiteley, we employ a qualified team of professional solicitors and conveyancers to assist in the conveyancing process. Our principal, Michael Whiteley, is also an Accredited Specialist in Property Law. To maintain his status as an Accredited Specialist, Michael is required to annually update his skills and knowledge in this area at a specialist level.

A Holistic Upfront Approach

We aim to provide a holistic approach to the conveyancing process. In our initial meeting we engage with our clients to understand their current and proposed future use of a property to enable us to provide advice which is specific to their needs.

We provide upfront advice on the costs associated with the transaction including the stamp duty payable and any exemptions or concessions which may be available.

You can calculate an estimate of stamp duty payable here

Full-Service Expert Legal Advice

We can provide you with legal advice in respect of:

  • Residential conveyancing (buying and selling).
  • Investors and first home buyers (buying and selling).
  • Commercial and retail (buying, selling and leasing).
  • Farms and agricultural enterprises (buying, selling and leasing).
  • Water Access Licences (applying for and subdividing, permanent and temporary transfers).
  • Hotels and Motels (buying, selling and leasing).
  • Strata and community title (establishing, buying and selling).
  • Easements and restrictive covenants (creating and resolving disputes).
  • Subdivision, property development and planning matters.
  • Mortgages, guarantees and securities.
  • Old system title, Crown land and Western Lands Leases (buying, selling and leasing).
  • Retirement Villages (reviewing contracts).
  • Advising on purchasing structures.
  • Advising generally, in conjunction with a client's accountant and financial adviser as required, on GST, CGT, depreciation, stamp duty and land tax implications for or in respect to any of the above transactions.

Speed up the Process with Electronic Conveyancing

Not only is the law surrounding property transactions constantly changing, so too is the conveyancing process. At Rickards Whiteley we are pleased to offer our clients electronic conveyancing.

Electronic conveyancing aims to reduce the stress associated with the conveyancing process. By settling online, you can now pick up your keys from the agent faster or receive cleared funds from the sale proceeds sooner.

Selling just got a whole lot easier...


Greater certainty

Manual processing is prone to error...why take the risk? Electronic conveyancing online document checks bring you greater certainty of successful, on-time settlement.


Get your money fast

Why wait days for cheques to clear? With online settlement through electronic conveyancing, your sale proceeds will be processed as cleared funds to your nominated accounts.


Easier for you

Electronic conveyancing makes the experience of settling easier for you. With electronic conveyancing, there is no longer any need to physically obtain and sign a paper transfer document.

Buying just got a whole lot easier...


On-time settlement

Electronic conveyancing automatic online document checks give you greater certainty that your settlement will occur as scheduled, allowing you to take ownership of your new property.


Peace of mind

In the manual world, documents registering your ownership are typically not lodged until days or sometimes weeks after settlement. With electronic conveyancing, this happens instantly giving you peace of mind.


No more bank cheques

Electronic conveyancing eliminates the need for bank cheques, saving you time and money.

Please call us on 02 6361 9532 or email us to obtain a quote on your proposed conveyancing transaction and to find out more about electronic conveyancing.

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